At this age we begin to let them out of their pen to build stronger motor skills and socialization. The room they play in only has toys they are allowed. Now our puppies start building a conditioned emotional response (CER) to the word “YES”. Using syringes filled with yogurt, they gain a reward history (positive association) to that word, while learning crucial behaviors as followed.

Here’s a quick overview of all that our puppies learn beginning at four weeks:

  • Eye contact game.  Each time we play with a puppy, we say “YES” and give them their yogurt treat the very second they make eye contact. This builds trust while also making later training much easier.  
  • Due to resource guarding being a common problem we create a CER within our puppies which shows them that humans coming towards their toys and/or food is nothing to worry about.
  • Our puppies get frequent time to play with our young kids and our other older dogs. This helps build motor skills and socialization.