Puppy Health Guarantee

Initial Health Clause

Buyer is required to take this dog to a veterinarian within 72 hours for a thorough check up. If, for any reason, the veterinarian deems this puppy to be unhealthy, buyer may return dog to seller for a full refund of purchase price, minus the deposit fee. Alternately, buyer may choose to obtain veterinary treatment for said puppy. Seller reserves the right to obtain a written diagnosis of this dog’s diagnosis from buyer’s veterinarian, and to have their own veterinarian provides a second opinion on said diagnosis, before paying any incurred veterinary costs. In some cases, seller may require buyer to obtain a secondary diagnostic opinion from a secondary consulting veterinarian or veterinarian specialist in buyer’s region. Seller will cover cost of this secondary diagnosis. If seller’s vet and/or secondary veterinary specialist are in agreement regarding treatment this dog requires, seller will cover cost of said treatment up to but not exceeding purchase price of said dog

Hereditary Illness Guarantee

This dog is guaranteed against any serious, life threatening genetic defects till they are 2 years of age. If a life threatening genetic defect (i.e.; grade 4 or higher heart murmur, liver shunt, von Willebrands disease, severe megaeosophagus, etc) occurs within that time frame, the buyer will be given another puppy of equal value or receive a refund of veterinary expenses associated with this condition up to the purchase price of the puppy. This refund or replacement shall be carried out at the breeder’s discretion, once a letter from the diagnosing vet is provided. A second opinion will be obtained at the breeder’s expense at a vet of the breeders choosing and permission to speak with that vet will be provided prior to paying any vet consult bill.

Hereditary allergies, elongated soft palate, parasites, stenotic nares, hemi vertebrae, malformed or butterfly vertebrae or accidents & illnesses of a non-hereditary nature are not included in this guarantee. The breeder is not responsible for veterinary charges other than those spelled out within this agreement once this Agreement has been signed.

Day to Day Care

Buyer agrees to provide this animal with a healthy, clean, safe home environment. If the dog is found to be living in an unsafe, unhealthy environment, and/or its life is in jeopardy, deemed by sellers and/or their agents, all ownership rights revert back to the seller immediately. Conditions covered by this clause include but are not limited to malnutrition, neglect, abuse, and lack of adequate shelter or veterinary care. At no time will the dog be left exposed to the outside elements (wind, rain, heat, or cold) or left outside when no one is home. This dog will not be allowed to run at large and will be kept leashed or secured in a yard at all times when outdoors. The Buyer agrees that they will pay any and all court costs and lawyer fees associated with enforcing this.